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A Free Sample vs. a Free TRIAL: What is the Difference? (Male Enhancement Pills Free Sample Secrets)

A Free Sample is where you get a FREE SAMPLE. Usually the company asks you to pay a One Time Charge for Shipping and Handling.

A Male Enhancement Free TRIAL is where your credit card will keep getting re-billed unless you cancel.

A FREE TRIAL is where you get a Free Sample or a Free Bottle, but then the company will keep KEEP REBILLING YOU for New Products – unless you cancel.

What gets confusing with a Free Trial is that many companies will not wait “1 Month” to rebill you.

Some companies will re-bill your credit  1 Week after you ordered the Free Sample.

You then need to track down the Male Enhancement Pill Company to cancel.

This means getting the Male Enhancement Pill Company on the phone.

If you manage to “get them on the phone,” your problems may not be over.

Sometimes the company will say they “forgot you cancelled,” and charge you again.

You get the idea.

The 3 Types of Male Enhancement Pills FREE Offers

There are generally 3 types of Male Enhancement Free Sample or Free Trial Offers.

  • 1) Male Enhancement Free Sample – “One Time Purchase. No Commitment. No Obligation to Buy More.”

This is the best kind of  Male Enhancement Free Sample Offer. We always recommend this for Men Over 50.

Basically the company is giving you a 100% Free Sample. You see if it works for you.

Either the pill works or it doesn’t. This is the Red Rex Free Sample that we offer here at Red Rex.

As of 2018, we are finding that One Time Charge Free Samples for Male Enhancement Pills are the Preferred Choice for many Men Over 50 across America.

Men Over 50 lead busy lives. Many Men Over 50 do not have the time or energy in their daily life to “chase a company around” to cancel a Free Trial before the company starts auto-billing their card again.

  • 2) Male Enhancement FREE TRIAL OFFER – “You need to call us to cancel or we will keep shipping you more pills and charging your credit card until you cancel”

This is the classic “Buy Until You Die” autobill situation.

Here a Male Enhancement Pill company will start “whacking” your credit card at regular intervals for “new shipments” of their male enhancement pills.

You have to tell them to stop. The problem is getting a hold of them.

Many Men Over 50 stay way from getting “locked in” to an “autobill.”

Many Men Over 50 do not have the time or patience to “track down” a company on the phone, and tell them to cancel.

Also, there are many stories where the call centers for these companies have “wrong numbers” or are “in another country.”

Or “you cancelled, but they forgot you cancelled” and they charged your card again.

You get the idea.

  • 3) Male Enhancement Free Trial – “You are Not Allowed to Cancel until you buy ‘X’ amount for ‘X’ amount of money into the future”

This is the most dangerous type of Male Enhancement Pill Free Trial.

You are “locked in” to an “autobill.” But, even worse, you can’t cancel even if you want to, until you spend a certain amount of money.

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