The X-Factor for Men Over 50 In Bedroom?

“The X-Factor for Men Over 50 in the Bedroom?: ‘Icariin’ in an Unusual, ‘Peak Dose'”

Summary: Red Rex® features a unusual, “peak dose” of Icaarin – the active ingredient in Epimedium (“Horny Goat Weed.”)
For years men have speculated that a certain level, and extract strength, of Icaarin may dramatically affect Nitric Oxide activity. In our 2 years as “The First Over 50,” much has become known.

  • Startling.” In our 2 years of testing, much has become known. As The First Over 50, Red Rex® experimented through trial and error in novel ways. We experimented with various combinations, extract strengths, and doses. We’ve been able to naturally amplify the effects of these already powerful ingredients beyond what Over 50 men may have felt before.
  • “Icariin” (pronounced ICK-a-rin) is the rare, little known libido booster in Epimedium. “Horny Goat Weed” is widely available on the market. But “Horny Goat Weed” as a male enhancement ingredient for Men Over 50 is usually weak and unimpressive as a sexual enhancer. This is because many pills are using the wrong source and extract strength of its active ingredient: Icariin. Powerful Icariin remains hard to come by. This prized herb frequently vanishes as soon as fresh supplies are extracted on the world-wide market.
  • “Icariin” has never before been used in this particular blend, in combination at this precise ratio – at our unusual, peak dose. After 2 years, we are so impressed we are calling this unusual, peak dose of Epimedium Brevicornum Maxim a “must-have X-Factor” for any man over 50.
  • As you know, an X-Factor” is a “missing link,” a term often used in sports – where one player has a special advantage that gives him a slight edge to potentially become a game changer.
  • Why This Benefits You: As The First Over 50, Red Rex® has made discoveries you can take advantage of. The Red Pill For Men Over 50® may have the “X-Factor” you are looking for over 50.

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